Commitment is hard.

YIKES. Remember in my last post when I said I vowed to blog every day for the entire year as a New Years resolution? So obvie that worked out well… -_- . I apologize. Life has been crazy busy both personally and professionally. While I sit waiting for a Show Choir Competition in Fort Madison, Iowa at a Starbucks inside a Hy-Vee (I’m just grateful I could still get an Iced Soy Vanilla Latte) I realized Commitment is hard.

What makes it hard?

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t commit to something is because of fear. Fear of rejection, defeat, failure, and a myriad of other probably irrational fears. If you don’t have a sense of foundation and grounding around a topic, person, or something simple like a blog (Insert Me). BREAK THIS DOWN – Emotional walls play a huge factor into our commitments. Mine is about 10,000 feet high and about the same in width. I love to play it safe. I love the security of just sticking with what I know and capitalizing on that and never experiencing something that is a little further out there. For example, I made the decision not to make any blog posts in almost two months because I told myself that no one would want to read my thoughts, I am unsure of my direction with my blog, and I have no huge draw to my blog. <— All of that there. A whole bunch of FEAR. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love to take chances, love taking on new ideas, and have worked hard at engaging all types of people along the way. So, why don’t I want to write a minimum one blog a week? Aside from fear it’s Motivation.

Motivation is essential.

Think about it. All the way back to biblical times. Nothing was accomplished without a little motivation. We wouldn’t have the amazing technology that we have today without someone with some motivation and commitment to advancing technology and science. I mention fear first because you have to get rid of your fears to really be motivated. TBH I have the motivation to do this blog FOR SURE. I just have been reluctant to because I’m scared to really speak my mind and share with people. That ends today. I am excited to really see this blog take off and be a part of this culture. Do I know what the blog is? NO. I’m going to share recipes. I’m going to share my opinions. I’m going to hopefully post some motivational things. Most importantly I’m going to be a little selfish and I’m going to do it for myself. I need an outlet. I need something I can do that gives me a little purpose. Outside of saving the world, learning to fly, and working full time. 😉 SO. Motivation. You will not fully commit to something unless you personally have some personal skin in the game. Find your motivation to do something and run with it. This WILL for sure change throughout your commitment. Okay. I’ve got over my fears. I’m Motivated. Now. Stability.

Stability is not an option but, it may take patience.

You will not continue any commitment without a sense of stability. This is the foundation, the structure, the steadiness that will give you purpose. FOREWARNING: STABILITY DOES NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT. IT CAN TAKE DAYS, WEEKS, OR MONTHS. It is important to remember that we can’t build a skyscraper in a day (ps. I have no idea why I keep referencing architectural structures). Now speaking as a millennial THIS SUCKS and often times I’ll admit I find myself abandon-ing  some ideas early because I crave that Instant Gratification that we all want so badly. Aristotle said “Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.” When I came across this quote while I was in college I scoffed and said that was a few hundred years ago that’s no longer relevant. Now that I have been in the real world I’ve noticed that all the decisions I made 5-8 years ago are still effecting me today. Most of those decisions I made were rash and made due to wanting an instant fix and not wanting to really do the research behind the task/idea/project/job ahead. I’m sure I’m not the only one with that realization because I had people (mentors, friends, teachers, colleagues, and more) telling me the whole time and I (the strong-headed, stubborn, and determined) ignored them the entire time. So, my plea. Have patience. Stability doesn’t come without it.

My Commitment

Alright. I now have skin in the game. I’ve shared some of my more personal feelings in this blog post that I have not shared with quite literally anyone about this blog. So I’d definitely say thats worth committing for. I’m not looking for anything monetarily out of this. I’m looking for something that brings me a little happiness through sharing stories, experiences, tips, recipes, and just about anything else I decide to throw on this thing. If anyone ever has any suggestions as to what to write about etc. I’d love to take any and all ideas! Be prepared. Once a week. You will see a blog from me.


Tim G.

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