Accepting Other’s Opinions/Views When They Aren’t Yours

Democrats vs. Republicans, Singers vs. Band members, Actors vs. Techies, Christianity vs. Buddhism, Mc Donalds vs. Burger King, I think you get the point. 😉

In just about anything and everything we do as humans in life we all have an opinion on everything. There really is no Switzerland here. We all pass judgments, follow a tradition, or ritual. What we choose to do once we hear someone’s viewpoint can depict specific outcomes of ours & their actions. I think we have seen a HUGE uptick in the last two years of people speaking out about any and all issues. (it’s quite incredible) Permission to be honest with you; I did not vote for President Trump, he does do things that offend me, I think there are better options than both him and Hillary for office, BUT I do respect him because he is the leader of our country. Will I stand and protest against his repeals, sign petitions against his cabinet choices? Yes. Will I speak out for victims of sexual assault, demand better care for veterans, call for better wages and support for our public educators, urge representatives to think of their state and country instead of a payout from a private party, will I seek out a better candidate for office and make sure she/he gets there? YES. We have the people of the United States have some of the greatest power and I think sometimes we think we don’t. I know as a millennial who gets shot down most of the time for being dumb, lazy, inexperienced, and all the other adjectives we’ve been described as I definitely feel like a super small fish in an ocean. However, when I get my school of millennial fish together we are quite mighty. (I’ll stop with the fish references now) For real. We will make up over 50% of the workforce by the end of 2018 so sorry folks step aside the millennials are here to play and it’s about to get #LIT up in here.

Okay, but really do I have to hug and kiss the Trump supporter sitting next to me? No. That is not what I’m saying here but in a country that we are entitled to free speech (uhm, did you guys know that that isn’t common for a lot of countries) we should give respect to their opinion hear them out and that person should also do you that courtesy. Now, I know we aren’t in a perfect world and this isn’t going to happen overnight. But, what if instead of attacking the next Trump supporter post you see from a friend you pose the question to them, “Hey, I saw your post and I’m just interested in hearing your viewpoint on it.” Ask them how they got to that conclusion and why. Invite them to ask yours and educate the both of yourselves on each other’s parties/views/opinions etc.

Enough about politics, it gives me a raging headache and sometimes tears are involved. Here are my 3 things I remember when talking to someone who has a different opinion/view than me.

1. Take a deep breath and hear them out.

2. Ask to share my opinion after they’ve shared theirs.

3. Thank them. (this one is always the hardest)

The first two are quite simple. The third thing is sometimes the hardest. No one wants to admit defeat and someone always wants to have the last word. But, I’ve learned the quickest way for me to shut down a conversation I was no longer interested in was saying “Thank you for sharing your opinion with me and helping me understand how you see it.” We quickly move on to something else. There is no “defeat” or “winning” feeling It’s just simply left with a respectful outcome of sharing opinions/views.

All right, I’m getting off the soapbox. Hopefully, this was insightful? Maybe nah? Imma come at Y’all with a recipe soon! #GetStoked


Tim G.

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